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2017 April 2 The established Association of Performing Arts Critics was formed from the wish to unite the critics, historians, theologians and general meetings, conferences, and the exchange of experience among stage artists (drama and musical theater, dance, circus, etc.), to share experiences at international events, to popularize Lithuanian theater in foreign festivals and to disseminate knowledge about the scenes of other countries. the peculiarities of art and their changes. In 2017, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania granted the status of an organisation of art creators.

Among the goals of the Association are the professional development of the members, the opportunity to express a consolidated attitude in state institutions, the delegation of members to various councils and commissions, and the possibility to submit proposals on arts subjects. Of course, one of the most important goals is to promote the profession of stage art critic and to increase its prestige.

The Association of Scene Art Critics spends several generations and tastes, critics of stage art living and working in different cities. Among the members of the association are winners of various national awards, critics writing for more than half a century, but also those whose first essay appeared five years ago. The list is updated every year as members are increasing.

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