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Jūratė Grigaitienė

Dr. Jūratė Grigaitienė is a theatre scholar, director, theatre educator from Klaipėda. She has published more than 50 articles, reviews, interviews, discussions about theatre or theatre education. She worked as an editor and a compiler of a national theatre magazine Lietuvos scena (Lithuanian stage), and for this work she was awarded the prize by the Lithuanian Theatre Union in 2010. Her academic interests are theatre for children and youth, puppet theatre, trends of contemporary theatre, social and educational aspects of theatre, and school theatre. At present she teaches at Klaipėda University. She is also a member and the chairman of the Klaipėda theatre award Padėkos kaukė (Mask of Gratitude) committee, and serves as the head of the Student Theatre in Klaipėda University.